LotusScript : NotesUiDocument OnFocus / OnBlur

Starting on Notes 8.0.1 IBM tried to add two new properties in the Form events : OnFocus and OnBlur , which probably should have the same behavour of the similar in Javascript.

I never used these events but now I came in an application where they could be useful so I’ve checked the help where you can find them documented :

Yes, this is an old version of the designer help but you can find the same text in the help of Designer 12

but when I came to the form in the designer I didn’t find them in the list of the events:

Then I started to look around with Google trying to understand the best way to handle these events and, surprise, I’ve found an old Apar from IBM which states :

The Notes Designer Help references the events OnBlur and OnFocus of the
NotesUIDocument class however these events are not implemented.


The Enhancement Request suggests an attempt may have been made to introduce this functionaluty however it proved more complex than anticipated and the functionality is not now available.
The documentation needs to be updated to remove references to these events.

Well, it seems the documentation was never amended but the OnBlur and OnFocus events were never added to the form properties so nothing changed from that old Apar from IBM.

Is this corrected ? Is there anybody with more details/news about this ? Please leave a comment if you have any information on this. Thanks

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  1. Ulrich Lossa


    OnBlur and onFocus are field events not form events.
    Maybe you can give more details about what you want to achieve.