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HCL Leap: config and restart

da | 29 Gen 24 | Domino, Domino e Notes 14, HCL Leap, Sviluppo Domino e Notes


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HCL Leap has a configuration database with a series of settings that can be changed, the Leap Configuration Settings.

While developing an application I realized that some parameters needed to be changed, in particular the secureJS entry which has this function:

Enables or disables JavaScript security in run time forms. When a form designer adds custom JavaScript to an application, this flag apply security settings to the custom JavaScript. This flag applies to the entire Leap server for all users.

Note: Setting this parameter to "FALSE" might expose users to malicious JavaScript. Only set to "FALSE" in a secured environment where Leap applications are created by trusted users.

Once the parameter was changed, however, the problem arose of making it read by the server: in fact, when you change a parameter in the Configuration Settings the documentation says to restart the server but in a production envoronment restarting Domino can be a problem.

Theorically you could restart only the http task but, again, if you have traveler and sametime running this can also be annoying.

Checking some documentations I’ve found the way to a possible solution: using the tell http osgi command with the syntax
tell http xxxx dleap where xxxx can have three options:

tell http osgi ss dleap

shows the leap state and in normal conditions responds like this:

[34A4:0002-0788] 11/01/2024 17:42:16 id State Bundle 
[34A4:0002-0788] 11/01/2024 17:42:16 198 ACTIVE dleap_1.1.2.18

therefore with active status.

Then the command

tell http osgi stop dleap

stops dleap: you launch it, wait for execution and dleap stops.
You can verify this opening the HCL Leap page via browser with the link /volt-apps/secure/org/ide/manager.html : you will find the standard HCL Leap page but without applications, like this:

and then typing tell http osgi ss dleap you will gets this:

[34A4:0002-0788] 11/01/2024 17:47:35 osgi> "Framework is launched." 
[34A4:0002-0788] 11/01/2024 17:47:35 id State Bundle 
[34A4:0002-0788] 11/01/2024 17:47:35 198 RESOLVED dleap_1.1.2.18

where Dleap is no more ACTIVE but RESOLVED

Last step is the command:

tell http osgi start dleap

which restarts Dleap and then reads the modified values ​​in the Leap Configuration Settings.
now by typing tell http osgi ss dleap the status returns to ACTIVE

These commands work on Domino 12 but with Domino 14 something has changed and the behaviour is slightly different

To restart leap again you should note the number of the ID of Dleap you got typing tell http osgi ss dleap , in this example 129:



and then , to restart Dleap, run  the command
tell http osgi start 129 (where you need obvioulsy to replace th 129 with the ID number you got previously)
It does not return anything but is you now issue again tell http osgi ss dleap you will see that it is active.

We are not sure if this is working as designed or is a bug or if is due to the different Java version that is in V14. But now we know how to make it work.

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